History of the Lands of Men

Long ago, the Lands of Men were settled by the ancestors traveling from far off places. They established two holds, Zeaport and Mhaldor.

Zeaport became the center of the Southron Empire, a Lawful, somewhat oppressive and traditional kingdom. Mhaldor became a city-state to the far north, beyond the mountains in a fell place. The two fought countless wars, but neither side every established any control over the other. This balance held for many generations.

200 years ago, a group of knights, mages and clerics rebelled and formed their own kingdom to the north. Cyrene was their original fortress. After a bloody civil war, they defeated the Empire’s armies, with the help of the gnomes, dwarves and Halflings and formed the Northern Kingdom.

In this day, the Northern and Southron Empire are cool and distant neighbors, but there is no love lost. The Southron Empire still feels that the North is more of a wayward child than a peer. The South typically is not very friendly to Dwarves, Halflings or Gnomes, although they have continued to trade with lands of Freilund.

History of the Lands of Men

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