Lady of the Oceans

Portfolio: the ocean, sea monsters, storms

Symbol: a curling wave

Alignment: Chaotic

Cheliduus appears as a giant mermaid, with blue skin, iridescent purple scales, and flowing green hair. She is a temperamental deity who swings between dreamy indolence and howling rage. She dwells in a massive palace at the deepest part of the ocean, guarded by kraken, where she is served by the most beautiful representatives of all the undersea peoples. Her legions are the large beasts of the waters . Her primary weapons, however, are the powerful storms and tidal waves she is able to conjure. She is known to harbor a deep mistrust for magic-users. If she is displeased with a mage, she usually slays them if they do not immediately toss all their spellbooks overboard. Those who would dare cast weather-controlling magics, however, have their tongues and eyes torn out.

Most major coastal cities have a temple to her, and even the smallest fishing villages place a small shrine to her at the end of their longest pier or on the beach where regular sacrifices and offerings are left.


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