Westport is the northernmost port of the Northern Kingdom. It is the main seaport that provides transportation to the rest of the kingdom from the fertile lands of the Vale. It also serves as the last major center of commerce to the northwest frontier keeps and villages. Only Montgate is further north before the border with the lands of Mhaldor. The Westport Keep lies to the east of Westport, just before the Seawall (a line of hills that separates Westport from the Vale.)


  • Berlbur – Proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn.
  • Reche – Mayor, controls the council of Captains and Merchants – the ruling body in Westport
  • Equay – Castellan of the Westport Keep
  • Lord Risz – Lord of Westport and the Vale
  • Nikodemos – Sage
  • Per’tshe – Elven drover, sells horses
  • Risend – priest of Patharcus – serves at the temple of Benevolent Light
  • Thumbold – Dwarf weaponsmith and armorer
  • Tyrana – Proprietress of the Three Moons Tavern, widow of Bieb
  • Worlale – priest of Cheliduus – serves at the temple of the Sea Goddess


Associated Locations

Recent Happenings

The Tower of Zenopus has seen some activity recently – strange lights and figures. It is said a brave band of adventurers entered the tower and found treasure. After several locals were lost in the tower, Lord Risz ordered the tower grounds sealed.

Bandits have boldly attacked ships at the Westport docks or within the waters of Westport. These bandits seem to appear and disappear without a trace and have made off with man ships’ cargoes. Lord Risz has sent out his knights and troops to search the hills and coastline for the bandits’ lair, but has come up empty.

The daughter of Lodevo, a very rich accountant of Westport, has gone missing for sometime. Lodevo has offered a rich reward for her return.


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