Tower of Zenopus

A long abandoned tower of Zenopus the mage. The tower has been deserted since Zenopus went missing after a strange incident of flashing green lights and an explosion which caused his tower to fall.

Recently, the tower saw strange lights and figures and it is rumored that a band of brave adventurers entered the tower and found a great deal of treasure within. Several Westport locals braved the dark cellar underneath the tower, but never returned.

Lord Risz ordered the Tower sealed, and it is now guarded with only those who have the Lord’s approval to enter within. It was discovered that the bandits who were attacking the ships in port were using a hidden underground cave linked to the Tower’s cellars as a base of operations. Lemunda, the formerly kidnapped daughter of Lenovo, was rescued from here.


Indicium is an artifact either created or found by Zenopus and installed into his Tower, deep in the cellar. It is not clear why Zenopus created and/or kept this mask, but it is clear that the mask serves as a type of encyclopedia for Zenopus’s knowledge.

Aeli, the Champion of Westport, first encountered the mask during her delve beneath Zenopus’s tower. It was being assaulted by a gang of goblins, which she quickly eliminated. She figured out the secret of the mask. She then escorted the sage Nikodemos to the mask and he was so delighted to have been made aware of its existence and its utility that he declared himself in debt to Aeli.

Tower of Zenopus

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