Thyckletray is the school of Lawful/White magic, located in Caleston. It’s 5 active towers are populated with the brightest of apprentices and wizards learning their craft. Each tower is dedicated to a specific area of study within magic.

Mages from the Southron Kingdom are permitted to attend and hold offices at Thyckletray, despite the differences between Southron and Northern monarchs. It is said that the Northern-born mages who hold 3 of the 5 towers have the Northern King’s ear for many issues.

The founding wizards of Thyckletray: Kellus Therran, Wizard Zagigyx, Magetrix Ranenso and Wizard Birkskrec still have their original standing towers within, though only the Grand Archmage has permission to enter within each. The only tower that he cannot enter is Kellus’s Tower, which has been locked since Kellus’s death. It is said that the only one who may unlock the tower is one with the Therran blood within, although that has not proven to be the case.

The current Grand ArchMage is Kinthrix. He has held the position for nearly 100 years.


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