Southron Empire

The Southron Empire is a tightly controlled society, ruled by a emperor who is harsh (but lawful) in his rule. Sometimes evil, sometimes good, but the rules are paramount in the South – rules and traditions and strict societal roles.

When the Lands of Men were first explored many centuries ago, the city of Zeaport became the center of civilized rule. The influence and rule of Zeaport expanded to the Frosty Mountains that bordered around the lands of Mhaldor. It became known as the Empire, ruling harshly with a tightly controlled society and class division. 200 years ago, a group of rebels broke away from the Empire and formed the Northern Kingdom. The Empire retained the lands to the south and became known as the Southron Empire.

Despite the loss of the northern lands, the Southron Empire has not changed their society, although they are more dependent on Northern grains and farm products than they would like to be. However, the Southron Empire is well known for their manufacturing and more refined goods and they do keep trade with distant lands who are the relatives of the men who settled these Lands.

Climate wise, the Southron Empire is lush, with much of it as jungle interspersed with very rich but smaller farmlands. Most of the port cities are also “industrial” as well. Life in the Southron Empire is always a negotiation with the jungle and weather!

The Southron Empire dictates a strict division of society based on one’s class, family and current trade. At the top are the rulers, high priests, a few mage families and the nobles that hold lands around the Empire. The middle class is made up of the craftsmen, tradesmen and merchants that fuel the Empire’s economy. At the lower level are the farmers, laborers and more menial workers. At the lowest level are the servants (both indentured and professional) and slave/prisoners.

The society has protocols and manners that are expected no matter the class level. Dueling over insults and breeches of protocols are legal in the Southron Empire upon ruling by a judge. The old saying goes: “The Hells hath no fury like a Southron noble insulted!”

Southron Empire

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