When the Lands of Men were first settled, those who chafed under the rule of law centered in Zeaport traveled as far north as they could go to and founded the city of Mhaldor. Since it’s founding, it has always the enemy of the more lawful lands of Man to the south. Mhaldor is a bastion for Chaos and Evil – a place where the strong oppress the weak and the powerful exercise careless, callous rule over the less fortunate.

Mhaldor’s main export are the ores found in the mines of the North Wildland mountains. The city itself is known for intricate and valuable weapons. The old saying goes: “A Mhaldorian sword is a good thing to have, as long as it’s not stuck in your guts!”

Mhaldor is also the location of Um Loran, the school of Chaos/Black magic. It is said that a cabal of Black mages hold sway over the rulers of Mhaldor and always seek ways to bring the rest of the lands of Man under their fist.

Mhaldor is also rumored to be the home to several of the larger and more criminal thief clans as well as center of many cults and followers of dark religions and the Chaotic gods.


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