For days I traveled through forests and hidden valleys, rises and falls, thick vegetation without seeing a sign of civilization or even another human soul, save my companions. Truly we were lost and guided only by the knowledge that at some point we would reach the eastern-most coasts of the Known Lands.

Then, suddenly, the jungle ended in what can only be described as the most unexpected sight possible. A series of black columns bordered a black road, leading up a pyramid of the same black stone. It was as if the jungle was afraid to come any closer, and I can say that I too was frightened. All noise seemed to stop and it was as if the sunlight itself hid from the sight of this terrible edifice. We did not approach this area, but fled full of fear.

Our dreams that night were horrific and unremembered, save one name that seemed to linger like a unforgettable scream … Merana!
- The Expedition to the Hidden Eastern Lands, by Richard Youngsman

This single passage in an otherwise boring travelogue of an adventuring party to the lands to the east has caused a sensation throughout the Known Lands. Quite a few parties have sought this mysterious Merana but none have ever succeeded in finding it. Richard Youngsman did not survive the publishing of his book, as he disappeared soon after it went for sale. None of his companions were ever identified so the location of Merana is subject to much debate.


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