The Fury

Portfolio: passion, vice, revenge

Symbol: a green eye

Alignment: Chaotic

Hedaeli appears as a muscular man with arresting green eyes and wild, curly red hair. His cheeks are always glowing red, flush with laughter or rage. His is a man of insatiable passions, eager for a party or revenge. His clothing is fine, but generally stained from spilled wine. His bellows of rage, when angry, cause panic in all who hear them (as per the confusion spell, at will with the usual saving throws).

While there are no actual temples built to venerate Hedaeli, most taverns have a small shrine to him where the patrons can pay their respects. In addition, he is invoked at the tapping of any cask or barrel of spirits. His worshipers tend to be hedonists and libertines, though certain avant garde artists also offer her prayers and offerings in exchange for inspiration. He’s also propitiated by generals before battle, asking him to keep fear from the hearts of their soldiers while sowing panic and terror among their enemies.


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