The Seeker

Portfolio: wanderers, pilgrims, holy fools

Symbol: spiky metal flower

Alignment: Neutral

Enotis is usually encountered as an older, portly man with wild white hair and beard, and piercing blue eyes. He usually looks and smells like he spent the night sleeping in a ditch, which is usually because he did. He claims to either be looking for something, but he can’t remember what it is, or waiting for someone whom he refuses to name. He is sometimes cruel and wicked to those he meets, even those who are kind to him, and nearly every kindness he does bites the receiver eventually. Some say this just proves that Enotis is, at heart, a malicious bastard, but others say that he uses such prods and spurs to teach his “students” important lessons.

There are no known temples for Enotis, but on occasion you’ll find his symbol carved into sign posts or on stones near crossroads, both of which are considered sacred to him. His priests tend to be nomadic vagabonds who seem to wander as much in their own heads as they do from place to place.


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