Chaliam is a city within the Northern Kingdom located on the edge of the Desert Lands. It is known for its between the Northern Kingdom, the tribes of humans and other races living in the desert and even some trade from the Southron Empire. Caravans regularly ship from Cyrene to Chaliam, with goods that end up in the South, a fact of the quiet commerce between the two enemies.

Chaliam is a large sprawling city with many neighborhoods and forgotten places. The muich of the city is made of up of a myraid of marketplaces, craftsmen, the Arena and schools.

A huge wall separates the city from the desert beyond, with three main gates that open to the desert. This is to protect the people from what lies beyond, sand demons, the sand dwellers and more.

Chaliam is know to be a welcome home to fighters and fortune seekers, especially within the Chaliam Arena, where gladiators fight. It is also a point of entry to the Desert Lands for adventure seekers and mystics.


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