Welcome to the campaign wiki of “The Vale”

See full size image This campaign is a private campaign world that I run for my family. It’s primarily a solo campaign between myself and my wife. My children have run adventures in it from time to time.

This campaign started as a creation based on the old “Fast Play” modules from AD&D back in the late 1990s. It’s since become a private world that I’ve imagined quite a bit about. Now that my wife and I have been exploring it for about a year, I’m going to start documenting it here. This will allow me to keep track of a lot of things and at the same time give my wife/family (and you kind readers) a way to learn and document the world that they’re exploring.

I blog about my solo gaming, if you’d like to read about it from a DM’s viewpoint.

The system used is Swords & Wizardry, a “retroclone” of the 1974 Original Dungeons & Dragons game. It started with microlite74, but I moved to S&W because I really enjoy the system.

The campaign houserules can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16yFmSsiZSzaWXd_GToyg-fznk0vrHRhNFXWBoKmlwEI/edit?usp=sharing&authkey=CKmj_uUI

The Vale

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