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  • Patriarch

    The Patriarch is the spiritual leader of [[Vale | the Vale]] as well as the current Mayor of [[Valetown]]. He serves as a priest of [[Patharcus | Patharcus]] and is …

  • Quellam

    Quellam is the son of Ashan. He has earned a reputation for not following in his father's footsteps, most recently being seen with the Hero of Valetown, Aeli. He is a hefty lad and seems skilled with a spear.

  • Lord Risz

    Clintus Risz is a rigidly honorable knight and Lord of the Vale and Northlands. His family was a leading force …

  • Nikodemos

    Nikodemos dresses in fine robes and has a dandyish attitude. He's very protective of his knowledge and a bit hotheaded to boot.

  • Thumbold

    Thumbold is an veteran of many campaigns serving with Dwarves and humans in campaigns against the orc tribes. His shop is well known for the quality of his work and the honesty of his prices.